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Docentes auxiliares

Profesor Xavier Catoen
teléfono 33 04 7688 1042
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Sol-gel synthesis of silica and hybrid silica materials and nanoparticles
Nanostrucuring of organosilicas through internal or external templates.Nanomedicine. Luminescent materials. Supported organometallic and organic catalysis.



Profesor Mateus Cardoso
teléfono: 55 19 3512 1045
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Our group is focused on the nanoparticles design motivated by potential biological applications. We work at the interface of chemistry, physics and biology trying to answer fundamental questions while developing smart systems focused on bactericidal properties, tumor cells killing, avoidance of viral infection and biological sensors development.



Profesor Damian Scherlis
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“We use computational methods based in quantum and classical mechanics to investigate the reactivity and the behavior of atoms, molecules, and materials. We work in close collaboration with groups devoted to experimental research in the Department of Chemistry and in other centers. They often find problems requiring an answer at the molecular level, which is sometimes very hard to sort out with tools other than computer simulation. At the same time, one of our fundamental interests points to the development and optimization of the molecular simulation methods that we use. In particular, we combine density functional theory with continuum or hybrid quantum-classical schemes to represent the effect of complex environments on molecular or extended systems.”



Profesor Alejandro Sosnik
teléfono: +972-077-887-1971
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Drug self-assembly, crystallization and dissolution, pure drug nanoparticles, polymer and macromolecular chemistry and characterization, microwave-assisted polymerizations, biomaterials, drug delivery, polymeric microparticles and nanoparticles, polymeric micelles, mucoadhesiveness and mucosal drug delivery, poverty-related diseases, pediatric cancer, pharmacokinetics, central nervous system.


Profesor Mashide Takahashi
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Prof. Masahide Takahashi es profesor de la Escuela de Graduados de Ciencias de Materiales y director del Laboratorio Internacional de Ciencia de Materiales y Nanotecnología (iLMNT) en la Universidad de la Prefectura de Osaka (OPU). Obtuvo Ph.D en la Universidad de Kobe en 1996. Luego pasó varios años como becario post-doctoral en el Instituto Tecnológico de Toyota y de la Universidad de Kobe. Fue designado como investigador asociado en la Universidad de Kyoto en 1999, y promovido a profesor asociado en 2006; se trasladó a OPU como profesor de tiempo completo en 2009. Él ha estado trabajando en la preparación de sol-gel de materiales funcionales en la fotónica y la electrónica. / diseño web: tetris visual- Sol gel Buenos Aires 2017